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La Mercy Update – February 2009
Monday, February 23, 2009 | 00:00

 The skyline to the north of Durban has certainly changed forever with the new airport construction now very visible.The construction team has been back almost 2months now and the site has already changed shape and looking more and more like the airport.

Sean van der Valk,ACSAProject Manager says,—This project is now looking like the vision we had and Iam extremely proud of our achievements so far.We are on track with the milestones that we have set ourselves,specifically with the construction of the tower,cargo and terminal building“.

Van der Valk went on to say,—While we busy building the airport,we have various specialist teams busy locally and internationally testing some of the bulk infrastructure such as the air bridges,baggage systems,cargo systems and public parking systems“.

At this stage all civil works on the critical path such as the aprons and main access road are being impacted on due to the in-climate weather experienced in the past 4months.The bulk electrical works and fuel pipelines are being done to ensure they are on track with the road changes that are currently taking place on the access and road interchange.

In the terminal building all concrete work should be completed by the end of March 2009 with the exception of the southern ramp and underpass.The structural steel is progressing well with the roof sheeting having commenced on the main terminal this month on the northern airside corridor. The manufacture of all 16 passenger boarding bridges has been completed.The terminal floor plan has been approved which also involves in-depth discussions and proper co¬ordination with stakeholders and possible tenants of office space within the terminal.
The cargo handling teams have commenced with their program with the first sections of the ULD rack structures already installed in the building Together with the construction of the aprons around the cargo building already started in January 2009,the manufacture of the roller deck items has been completed and delivery of the 1lot of storage decks is scheduled by the end of this month.The delivery of powered motor decks and right angle decks is also expected by the end of February 2009.

The mobilisation of the Glidepath baggage handling system has been completed with the first sections of the baggage conveyor already positioned on the arrivals mezzanine level.The detailed design of the multi storey public parking and office block facility is progressing well and it is estimated that overall completion of the facility is at about 80% of the project already completed. The teams are awaiting approval of the final of office layouts and tenant requirements with the entrance lobby area and escalator enclosure design already has been approved.

With the air traffic control tower already hoisted in record time in December 2008,the team is busy with the roof of the tower.As is required,further consultations are taking place with Air Traffic and Navigation Systems (ATNS)to review their program and requirements in terms on the internal layout with the external walls and finishes specifications to be issued to the contractor.

The runway,taxiway and aprons projects are progressing well with the bulk earthworks and layer works on schedule.The primary cabling and ducting are also well on schedule.The construction of the fixed links from the apron to the air bridges having been completed and the installation of ducting and primary cabling are well on schedule.

As the construction of the new airport is taking shape,ACSA is busy with other areas that are critically related to the project which include the operational readiness and relocation program that will assist ACSA and the relevant stakeholders to plan implement the transition from the current site to the new airport by the deadline.

ACSAhas also,in line with the project program,advertised and issued tenders for the retail opportunities at the airport consisting of shops and car rental.The retail tenders were issued at the ICC last week when about 800 people were present at a public session.Once the tenders have gone through a strict evaluation process the successful
business tenants will need to move on site by the beginning of August 2009.
Terence Delomoney, General Manager: Durban International and National Airports is very excited and said,—ACSAis keeping a watchful eye on the progress of the project and we are happy with the achievements so far.Our teams are ensuring that all operational and statutory processes will be adhered to and complied with so that we are able to meet the deadline“.

Issued by :
Colin Naidoo
Manager: Communications and Brand
Durban International and National Airports
Airports Company South Africa
Website: www.acsa.co.za

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