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Developing our Communities one day at a time
Tuesday, August 19, 2008 | 00:00

RELEASE DATE: 19 August 2008

Developing our Communities one day at a time 

Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) today hosted its annual Corporate Social Investment (CSI) cheque handover event the Cape Town Hotel School in Granger Bay.

ACSA CTIA had the opportunity to make a discernable difference to its communities by donating approximately R750 000 toward various community related projects. Organisations that benefited were Zenele Training and Development which runs a community based project in Khayelitsha with a focus on economic empowerment in the form of skills training, mentorship and small business development as well as development for unemployed/unskilled people from Khayelitsha and its surrounding communities. Also part of the pool of beneficiaries was Earth Child Project, which is a schools based project where facilitators are placed in schools with the aim of introducing and maintaining a holistic and experiential education programme. Programmes are aimed at benefiting the school, its children and the parents of that particular community and the programmes include projects such as producing vegetable gardens, recycling and waste management and selling healthy foods. A youth development project from Mitchells Plain, Oaks of Righteounsess, amongst others was also one of the beneficiaries.

“Our business is not only about airports – it’s about giving back to our communities. So, as an airport operator, contributing toward the development and sustainability of our communities is very important”, said Deidre Hendricks, Communications Manager, ACSA: CTIA. “We know that our donations today, will go a long way toward touching and changing the lives of others”, said Hendricks.

ACSA has continued to remain active regarding corporate social responsibility and in recent weeks participated in an Outreach programme, where staff volunteers visited various community projects and donated blankets, clothing and other items of value, much needed particularly during the cold winter weather.

Today’s beneficiaries will receive support from ACSA CTIA for a period of three years, provided they remain reliant on the support and provided that they demonstrate effective administration and application of funding. “While there are many worthy organisations, we are unfortunately not able to support all of them – this is why we ensure that we do not merely donate money to our beneficiaries, but that we become their partners, so that we can assist them in achieving their objectives – it’s the only way to ensure that the funds donated are utilised to its maximum potential”, Hendricks continued. “The team remains committed to working hand in hand with these organisations so that the goals of the projects are realised and so that a significant difference is made in the community”, concluded Hendricks.

In the last four years ACSA: CTIA has donated over just R6 million towards the development of a number of different organisations in various communities, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

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