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Sporting events, Easter and school holidays to keep ACSA airports busy
Thursday, March 20, 2008 | 00:00

Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) is expecting higher than normal numbers of passengers at all its ten airports countrywide during this period.

During Easter period last year, ACSA airports handled about 3 million passenger during the month of April and traffic is expected to exceed 3,5 million this year.

The high number of travelers may have implications for parking, airport check-in and security screening as well as overall passenger experience particularly in view of changes in the ground handling environment.

ACSA advices passengers to be prepared for this high volume period by adding extra time into their arrival schedule during a day before Easter weekend (March 21-24) as well as at peak times of the day; that is the early mornings and late afternoons. Government schools country close on 20 March while the Cape Town’s Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon is on 22 March and the Cape Town International Jazz Festival on 28 and 29 of March.

Due to the increased traffic, passengers are reminded to ensure that they arrive early at the airport, at least 90 minutes prior to domestic departures and two and half hours before international flights, in order to enable them to experience a hassle-free transit through the airport.

Things to take into account during busy periods
• The busiest times at the security screening areas are early morning and late afternoon.
• Busiest days of the week are Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
• The less you carry on to the aircraft, the faster you will go through security.
• Visit www.airports.co.za for more information
• If you have flight queries send flight number (eg. SA302) to 35007 or call 086
• If you would like to find out parking availability at O.R. Tambo sms ‘parking’ to 35007.

Furthermore, to ensure smooth security-check process, passengers are reminded that they will not be allowed on board if they are in possession of prohibited items. A detailed list of prohibited items, such as knives, needles, sharp objects, etc, has been placed at various strategic points at our main airports and is available through ACSA’s website at www.airports.co.za.

Passengers on international flights are reminded that the Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) measures are still in place and should be complied with. Fortunately, passengers are able to buy these products in ACSA’s Duty Free Malls – passengers should simply ask sales staff for assistance.

Further, delays are often caused due to passenger baggage not being secured. Always ensure that cases are locked, and fitted with identification tags. Avoid placing small valuable such as cell phones, laptops, watches, etc. into checked baggage. Straps should also be fastened as these can get stuck on the conveyer belt. To assist in the prevention of delays and baggage losses, passengers are encouraged to have their luggage wrapped at the airport.

For enquiries, contact:

Solomon Makgale
Manager: Communications
Airports Company South Africa
082 781 8863

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