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Now you can receive live flight information via text SMS!
Thursday, August 29, 2002 | 00:00

In continuing to offer its clients a world class service, Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) has added a cutting edge technology which allows for easy and immediate access to Flight Information via SMS messages.

Charmaine Lodewyk, ACSA's Group Executive for Communications and Brand Management, said this innovative service was developed for the purpose of providing a better and more efficient service to travelers and visitors to the airports run by ACSA.This service is of particular meaning to frequent travelers and for well timed "pickup" and "drop-offs".

"We are all aware of the congestions that occur around peak traveling times, by utilizing this effective and immediate flight information method, travelers (and their associated collectors) can empower themselves with flight information at their fingertips - with immediate gratification," Lodewyk said.

It is as easy as ABC! The technology works in one of two ways:You can either send your flight number (for example: SA305 via a Text SMS to this number 0838899330 – and you will receive that particular flight info with-in 60 seconds), or you can make a call to 083 1214220 + add on your flight number (SA305 will be 72305)… an SMS with that particular flight info will be returned to you with-in 60 seconds. (Network and Internet dependent). Normal cellular rates apply.

Since this is a "live" data feed linked with real time updates from the ACSA database, one can at any stage, at any time, and from any where, be fed with real time data; as if one was standing in front of an information monitor at an Airport terminal.

For those not on the move, live flight information is available via our website. Click FLIGHT INFO, then Flight Info for 'live' data or Season Schedule for flight schedules.

Easy Flight Info

Make a phone call:

083 1214220+Flight Number(example: Flight Number SA305 = 72305)


Text SMS:

Flight Number to 0838899330 (example: SA305) 

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