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Terminal B - The role of black economic empowerment
Tuesday, February 11, 2003 | 00:00

In constituting the professional and project teams for the construction of the new domestic terminal, the participation of previously marginalised individuals and business entities, was diligently pursued.

Although the development of the teams took place prior to the enacting of the Professional Procurement Framework Act, the Act in its draft form was used as the guide, to ensure previously disadvantaged practises were ensured of important roles within this major project.

The entire project was tendered on an open basis, whereby advertisements were placed in major national newspapers, inviting tenders from prospective constructions firms.

The rigorous requirements of the tender application process encouraged the formation of Joint Ventures, whereby previously marginalised individuals and businesses joined with larger and more established groups, resulting in a sharing of expertise and experience.

To qualify for evaluation, a series of initial hurdles were set up, to ensure only the highest quality bidders were taken into consideration.

Aspects such as technical expertise, management skills, previous experience and the financial status of the applicants were all considered, resulting in the final grouping for evaluation.

Bongani Maseko, the General Manager of O.R. Tambo International Airport said the focus on redressing past imbalances, was an important consideration in this project.

"Meeting the requirements for a project of this scale was indeed a challenge to which many of the Joint Ventures rose. What we have is a team of people committed to providing quality service while reinvesting in the future of the country," he said.

"At this stage, 42% of the total project spend has gone to previously marginalised business groupings, while spin-off benefits are incalculable." 

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