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ACSA's 2010 preparations gain momentum
Monday, May 22, 2006 | 00:00

The emergence of low cost domestic airlines and the booming economic climate in South Africa have resulted in high traffic growth through the ACSA network in the last 3 years and good prospects for this to sustain over the next few years. To cater for this growing demand as well as the anticipated influx of tourists into the country for the 2010 FIFA soccer World Cup tournament, ACSA put together a capacity development plan which it is currently implementing on schedule and in line with the Company’s broader strategic vision to  provide world class airport services.

A highlight of existing and planned projects:

O.R. Tambo International Airport (ORTIA)

As Africa’s largest and busiest airport, ORTIA has been allocated R3 billion, the biggest share of the R5.2 budgeted for infrastructure development.  These improvements will effectively address the high traffic volumes being experienced and anticipated for the airport.  The following key projects are planned:

1. R1.8 billion Central Terminal Building
Towards the end of 2009, the international and domestic terminals will be linked via a Central Terminal Building currently being constructed. This will result in a central passenger processing unit for both domestic and international passengers. The facility will be equipped with infrastructure for baggage handling for the Airbus A380 and will be connected to the Gautrain Rapil Rail Link for ease of access by rail.,

2. R475 million Multi-Storey Parkade
Five thousand additional parking bays will be added to the current 6900 bays through the construction of a second multi-storey Parkade the first phase of which is scheduled to open to the public in November 2007.

3. R81 million International Departures Concourse Expansion
To accommodate the high growth in international passenger traffic and relieve the congestion currently being experienced at the international check-in area, the international departures concourse has been redesigned and will be expanded unto the existing upper roadway. Scheduled to be completed in early 2007, this expansion will allow for more space for families and guests who are greeting or saying farewell to passengers.

4. R218 million Echo Apron Development
To increase airside capacity, nine new aircraft stands will be constructed with air-bridge links directly to the terminal. Four of these stands will be able to accommodate the A380 and for this will be equipped with dual air bridges to facilitate the simultaneous boarding and disembarking of passengers through both the upper and lower levels (2 decks make up the A380) of the aircraft at the same time.

5. R512 million International Pier Development
This new pier will allow for a substantial increase in the number of passengers boarding and disembarking through air bridges. The improved passenger service resulting from this will help airlines improve their turnaround times.  The pier development will also provide additional passenger holding space and offer an expanded Duty Free mall for international passengers. The pier will also include a bus station to serve departures to remotely parked aircraft.

Cape Town International Airport (CTIA)

CIA’s key projects consist of the following facilities:

1. R900 million New Central Terminal Building
This new Central Terminal Building will integrate the international and domestic terminals and form the basis for all future expansion at CIA. The very high growth in domestic passenger traffic through the airport has placed significant stress on the domestic terminal, leading to congestion and operational problems during peak periods and impacting negatively on the airport’s service levels.

The new development will consolidate the current two terminals into a single passenger processing unit for both international and domestic passengers and provide sufficient capacity for the airport until 2015. The terminal, which will be served by air-bridges, will also incorporate an elevated road, similar to Johannesburg airport, which will separate the arrivals from the departures. This project will change the face of Cape Town International Airport completely.

2. Parking
Parking is one of the areas most affected by passenger traffic growth. To alleviate this impact, CTIA has just completed its first Multi-Storey Parkade, with 2,000 parking bays built at a cost of R100 million. This new Parkade has almost doubled the airport’s car parking capacity from 2,600 to 4,600 public car parking bays   However, the demand for parking at the airport is such that ACSA is due to commence the construction of a second multi storey Parkade  with capacity for 2,500 parking bays later this year. This facility, which is estimated to cost R160 million is expected to come on stream early in 2008.

Durban International

1. Parking
As the country’s third largest Airport and also experiencing similar traffic growth pressure as Johannesburg and Cape Town, Durban International has commenced with the construction of a R90 million 1 500 bay Multi-Storey Parkade (MSP).  The first phase of the Parkade is expected to be available for use by the end of 2006 with full occupation during 2007. 

As a result of the ongoing construction at DIA, many airport users have been inconvenienced by the shortage of parking space while service in the current drop-off/pick-up zone is also affected.  To alleviate this inconvenience, ACSA has made temporary alternative parking arrangements at a site further remote from the terminal with linking walkways.

2. Terminals
Plans are in place to expand the existing terminal to meet the capacity needs of growing passenger traffic including the provision of more check-in and baggage reclaim facilities.

Inconvenience to passengers
ACSA is aware that the massive construction projects currently going on at its airports come with a significant amount of inconvenience to airport users and stakeholders. While the Company regrets this, it is doing everything within its power to limit the inconvenience as well as ensure the safety of everyone within all construction environments.

ACSA appreciates the support, patience and understanding it has thus far received from all parties affected by these construction projects. To assist the general public in improving their airport experience, ACSA offers the following tips for travelers.

1. If you are traveling internationally, please arrive at the airport at least 2 and half hours before your departure time and if you are traveling domestically, please arrive at least 1 and a half hours before your flight.
2. When approaching the airport, look out for signs that will direct you to available parking
3. Use the drop-off zone only for that purpose
4. Co-operate and assist the parking staff and Metro Police when they are performing their duties
5. Look out for our parking attendants to direct you to available parking 

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