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Maps and parking

 Though the public car parks are owned by ACSA, the management is contracted out to specialist car park operators.  Katanga is the company contracted by ACSA to manage the public car parks at Cape Town International Airport.  This also includes administering the valet services.

Two parkades are situated on either side of the Transport Plaza as follows: Parkade P1 lies to the North of the terminal building and consists of five storeys.  It contains 4050 parking bays with 6 elevators and 8 escalators.  There are 14 dedicated parking bays per floor available for persons with disabilities.

P1 - Parkade 1 Pick-Up [GROUND FLOOR] -
With a five-star rating for convenience with a 30-minute free grace period is allowed for airport users collecting passengers. Parking for the physically challenged is located close to the entrance lobby and Long Stay for the physically challenged is on this floor. Wheel chair friendly pay-stations are conveniently located in the lobby area.

P2 - Parkade P2 lies to the South and contains 1 749 parking bays with four elevators on five storeys. Airport users with mobility restrictions requiring special access to the terminal or a wheelchair can contact the Landside hotline on 021 - 935 3737021 - 935 3737.

Shade Parking P3 and P4 are located on either side of the centralised car rental facility and can be accessed via the pedestrian subways.  There are a total of 1600 parking bays in the shade parking including the Long Stay parking P5. Long stay parking is aimed at users parking for 5 days or more- the parking offering is limited to 156 bays and is on a first come first serve basis.

Long Stay Parking Special Needs Passengers
Cape Town International Airport introduced a Long Stay Parking option for Special Needs Passengers (SNP) on the ground floor of Parkade P1.  This is to ensure that a long stay parking option is also available to our SNP and that it is closer to the terminal for ease of access for the users.

Long Stay parking is the most economic product for passengers leaving their vehicles for more than five days. In consultation with QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA), we have introduced Long Stay parking for special needs passengers.

Should you wish to access this service, kindly contact Katanga Parking Management on 021 - 936 3613021 - 936 3613 or ACSA’s Landside Hotline 021 - 935 3737021 - 935 3737. A prepaid access card will be issued and users just have to upload money on the card. Parking rates will be calculated as the same rates of the general Long Stay Parking in P5.

All parking facilities are equipped with state of the art CCTV cameras and both Parkades have a system that displays the number of parking bays available. 

Payment for parking is done at the payment units placed on the ground floor of the parkade buildings.  Parking attendants are on hand to assist with any problems. 

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Valet parking

Airport Valet Parking Service Providers

The provision of valet parking services is an essential part of the overall customer experience at Cape Town International Airport.   The airport now has four valet companies all operating from the ground floor of Parkade P2.  Click to view their contact details. ...more

Downloadable directional airport maps

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Parking Tariffs

Click here to view the downloadable Parking Tariffs at the airport.

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