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ACSA announces new partnership for improved passenger service
Tuesday, February 26, 2008 | 00:00

Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), Africa’s leading airports operator, together with the newly appointed ground handling companies, Menzies Aviation and BidAir Services, today (25 February 2008) announced a new plan to achieve superior, world-class passenger service experiences at ACSA’s 10 airports.

“Undoubtedly, our passengers deserve first-rate, seamless and efficient service. The appointment of BidAir Services and Menzies Aviation coupled with all other initiatives that we have put in place, will go a long way in improving customer satisfaction,” says Bongani Maseko, Director of Operations at ACSA.

“The primary distinguishing factor between how ground handlers are managed now and how they will be from 1 March 2008 when BidAir and Menzies take over, is that ACSA has attached a rigorous and unambiguous Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the ground handling license, a crucial mechanism to ensure improved service levels are realised,” he added.

Maseko says the SLA will embed and transform the service ethos of the ground handlers from an indifferent and unfocused approach to passengers and poor logistical arrangements to a best-practice service ethos of accountability and cooperation and putting the customer first.

ACSA will periodically review performance of the ground handling companies, who are now contracted to manage over 500 000 aircraft movements and in excess of 33 million passengers annually. Where there is unsatisfactory performance and failure to rectify non-compliance, ACSA’s contractual rights will be enforced, ranging in severity from stern action to the cancellation of these licenses.

BidAir and Menzies’ focus will be, amongst others, on the following areas:

  • Efficient processing of passengers;
  • Improved on-time departures by reducing flight delays caused by poor logistical arrangements;
  • Safe operations on airside in terms of baggage delivery, catering, stairs, etc;
  • New, air conditioned safety compliant busses;
  • Superior communication with passengers in the event of operational anomalies through:
    o Ensuring staff presence at baggage reclaim areas and at lost & found baggage ;
    o Prominently displaying contact number of supervisors on the floor;
    o Setting up a call centre to manage customer complaints and enquiries
    o Greater transparency on performance regarding mishandled, pilfered and lost baggage

  • Reducing criminal activity involving passengers’ baggage through:
    o Working all stakeholders to reduce baggage theft;
    o Deployment of supervisors to ensure all baggage handling area policies and procedures are contractually adhered to;
    o Providing better working conditions for staff including job security and training;
    o Employing personnel with high ethical standards

In conjunction with the airlines, ground handlers and other key stakeholders, a comprehensive change management plan has been put in place across all ACSA airports to ensure that during the transition period, service is not compromised. Depending on operational requirements and any challenges that may arise, additional personnel will be deployed in the operations and baggage management areas. In addition, there will be increased presence of safety and security personnel to ensure smooth transition.

For enquiries, contact:

  1. Solomon Makgale
    Manager: Communication
    Airports Company SA
    Tel: (011) 723 1536 
    Mobile: 082 781 8863

  2. Bob Gurr
    Senior Executive of Sales & Marketing
    BidAir Services
    Tel: (011) 395 8000 
    e-Mil: bobg@bidair.co.za

  3. Forsyth Black
    Director: Africa
    Menzies Aviation
    Tel: (011) 390 3430  
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